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How to fix Google Play Services has stopped problem

Google Play services problem


two ways to solve Google Play services problem

Many of us face the problem of Google Play services and we can not solve them two ways to solve this problem

this is the best ways to solve the proplem and you can use this ways to solve the proplems for many of applications and games in any android mobile

Initial method:

We will follow the following steps :

We update Google Play services to the latest version to avoid errors and problems

We will open Google Play and go to Google Play services and update them to the latest version

Or through the following link directly from the link below :

Click here to go to the update link

Method 2:

It is also linked to errors in Google Play services application

We will follow the following steps :

We will open the settings in the phone

Then go to applications in the setting

Then we choose Google Play services application

Then we make force stop In order to stop it completely

Then we clear the cache

and after that we will find the problem it did not appear again and we will can to open any application or game useing google play service .

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